Company Profile

Lanzhou Ruipust Science and Technology Industrial Co.Ltd is Lanzhou National high technology enterprise, specialized in the development and production for various kinds of Rubber, Polyurethane products and Modified PTFE products.                    

Ruipust was founded and put into operation in 1992, advocating market-oriented, science and technology as a leader, the product quality as the base and with quality services for benefits. Continuously meet the demand of the customers, and providing high-quality products and services.                                                                                              

Ruipust has strong strength and large scale in industrial rubber research, development and production. With the existing EPDM rubber ,NBR, Fluorine rubber, Silicon rubber ,Natural rubber , Butyl rubber , Chloroprene rubber, SBR, Polyurethane rubber and other rubber products totally ten major categories of more than one thousand varieties. We develop and produce the rubber parts for domestic and imported equipments such as the Sealing Gasket for Plate Heat Exchanger, Rubber Bearing for Bridge, Oil Drilling Rubber Parts, Large Water Turbine Air Shroud, Rubber Sealing Ring for Water Delivery series and High Pressure Filter Diaphragm, Large Rubber Diaphragm, Frames, Filters etc. With high quality, timely delivery and good services, we won the customer’s high opinions.                                                                    

Ruipust has the abundant technology potency, and owns complete and excellent production equipment and detecting instrument. With the existing production equipment 35sets and the detecting instrument 15sets, while owns the largest 1800 tons flat-panel vulcanizer in northwest china which can produce various specifications of rubber products. Ruipust also has advanced production technics. Our Rubber vulcanization equipment uses the PLC automatic control system and keeps ahead in domestic.                                                                                                                    

Ruipust has passed the accreditation of ISO9001 International Quality System in 2001, and has been awarded the “Product Safety Registration Certificate of The Plate Heat Exchanger” in 2002 by China Standard Technology Committee of pressure vessels. We are the member units of its heat-exchange device sub-committee. One of our leading products, the Rubber Sealing Gasket for Plate Heat Exchanger has become the domestic high quality products for its features of heat-resistant and resistance to various materials. We have applied for the Trademark Registration of “Ruipust” brand seal gasket from the National Trademark Bureau.                                                                                    

Ruipust stick to quality-abiding, trustworthy, stresses speed and dare to innovate. We have established a good business relationship with many domestic customer enterprise. To provide high-quality products and continuously meet the need of the customer is always our goal!

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